Here & There is weekly-ish email about topics in the outdoor, travel & adventure realm. If you like photography, unique places, different perspectives, and exploring new topics, hopefully this will be a small delight in your inbox each week.

You get enough gear listicles and travel SEO bait in your inboxes, so I try and mostly avoid that. Instead, I want to deliver *interesting* stories and diving into topics that might get less (or less in-depth) coverage elsewhere.

A few recent highlights:

How to design a hip, outdoorsy, motel

The rise of the “hybrid traveler”

Outside Magazine’s downward spiral

Who am I?

I’m Kyle, a designer/photographer/writer/traveler. I’m currently a senior product designer at Product Hunt, but I’ve spent a significant amount of time in the travel and outdoor industry — writing, shooting, “influencing”, and also helping build The Outbound Collective.

You can see some of my previous work and photography at www.kylefrost.com

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Kyle Frost
Designer, photographer, ever-curious traveler.