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Thanks for the interview with Kraig. If he didn't invent the genre of the "solo silent hiking film" he has certainly defined it and turned it into an art form. I'm glad he has a healthy attitude towards imitators and actively encourages other to do as he is. The more people making this kind of content the better. It's obvious others are drawn to his work and have learned from it.

I would like to say that I disagreed with his switch to iPhone. The video quality was so much better when he was shooting on SLRs. Of course I get it, so much lighter and easier out on the trail, but for me, the quality suffers noticeably.

Kraig is very straightforward about the fact that he is a creator following his muse. So even if the clicks / likes / revenue are coming from his hiking videos, that doesn't necessarily mean that's what he's going to keep doing. This is refreshing, I feel like most creators get caught in a trap. They hit on something that gets popular and then they are stuck recreating that forever or until the zeitgeist moves on. Kraig's not afraid to pivot and do what he feels is best for him.

This is admirable and wonderful, but it is also true that it means I'll be watching less. His life videos (First time visiting NYC after Moving, Moving to Colorado, Running 26 Miles in New York City) are uninteresting to me. And his more recent "travel" videos are also less interesting. However, I fully support his right to create whatever content he wants. I'm sure he's aware that the shifts may impact the revenue he brings in. I wish him the best and much future success.

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