FINALLY! Someone gets it right! Thanks Kyle for actually applying logic and doing some research on this issue. All of the other 'articles' out there on this topic, some even in 'major news publications', simply start with the 'author' whining because they didn't get the campsite they wanted and then they relay a tired old anecdote:

'My 2-year old brother's babysitter's ex-boyfriend's deceased third cousin's incarcerated business partner's 6-year old daughter said she created a bot like this in less than an hour of coding, and she bought up all the campsites in the Yosemite valley for the next 30-years"

Then all these low-information activists latch onto that nonsense and re-publish it over and over as if it were Gospel.


There has also recently been A LOT of misinformation and outright falsehoods published recently about recreation.gov fees, again no doubt trying to foment rage from all the low-information activists. Perhaps you can apply your research talents to this topic and let your readers know the truth about these fees.

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